Il Fornai At The Village In Woodland Hills Brings You Italian In Style

Il Fornai With Head Chef and Sommelier Food Blogger Style

What is food art but the ability to look at a plate and be fascinated by it’s aesthetic brilliance. It’s an experience of the mind, senses and palate of association that allows you to delve in and indulge in a night of delicious extravagance. Isn’t this the reason why so many seek out the perfect restaurant experience? I was invited to dine at the newly opened Il Fornai authentic Italian restaurant at the Westfield Village in Woodland Hills and was not only impressed but excited for all the foodies out their yet to visit this new location.

Lets first begin with Il Fornai’s ambiance. Imagine romantic yet trendy enough to hang out by the bar and enjoy an appetizer with a glass of wine. It’s interesting because something you instantly notice is the attention to detail. How every wine glass is cleaned with precision. We began the evening with Prosseco and drink hand crafted by the sommelier to accompany a couple appetizer plates inclusive of the gorgeous cheese and burrata cheese with heirloom tomatoes. Dining at Il Fornai, you really get a feel for the Italian delicious and are really able to experience spices and delicious pastas and aromas of what a night in Florence could potentially be like.

The night continued with a wine pairing as we tried a tasting of the Il Fornai menu. A foodie is always especially excited to try and discover something different. Why? Because it excites the senses in a way they must share and that’s why the Cappelaca is a dish not to miss. It’s a butternut squash and walnut ravioli drenched in a tomato sauce, brown butter, crispy sage and sweet note on your senses to tantalize you into the next course. Where the next must share occurs called Tagliata which is beef tenderloin in a balsamic vinegar sauce, accompanied by organic baby spinach and Yukon gold potatoes. Many times what makes for an interesting chef is the imagination of combining ingredients that are ordinary into something very extraordinary.

Of course the night was capped with my ultimate favorite dessert cannoli’s with ricotta from sheep’s milk imported from Sicily, the shells are also imported from Sicily with a pistachio covering and candied oranges in the filling. Tiramisu was also on the dessert menu, pure deliciousness drenched in dark rum and espresso, Bellini sorbet and a cappuccino. Il Fornai new spot at the Village is definitely a must dine, whether you’re casual or looking for a night on the town this local restaurant may just be your new fave.

Surprise your palate Italian style in a way that will delight your taste and excite your mind!

Il Fornai At The Village

Il Fornai Woodland Hills Head Chef and Sommelier

Il Fornai With Head Chef and Sommelier Food Blogger Style

Il Fornai Woodland Hills Kitchen Italian Food At The Village

Fashion Blogger Rebecca Taylor Outfit at Il Fornai at The Village in Woodland Hills

Wine Sommelier at Il Fornai The Village in Woodland Hills Italian Food In LA

Dining at Il Fornai Italian Restaurant Blogger Best LA Italian Food

Best Italian Food In LA Il Fornai The Village

Trio of Italian desserts cannoli imported from Italy Il Fornai


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