How to dress for an Effective First Impression?

Dressing For the Office with the Katharine Theory Blazer by Theory
Dressing For the Office with the Katharine Theory Blazer by Theory

Lets face it, once a first impression occurs there is really no way to undo it. It happens quickly and quite frankly it can never happen again, hence it’s the first: the first impression. When one makes a first impression they tend to hope it’s the first of many or at least the first that will contribute to the goal in site. Maybe there really doesn’t have to be a second, contributing to the even more ‘crucial’ aspect of the initial first impression.

With that said, your dress is essential to creating the image with which you wish to be associated. For example, if one is going on a job interview or has to close a serious business deal in a corporate setting, they are expected to look a certain way. Most likely trendy dress wouldn’t be appropriate, instead solid colors and contemporary fabrics should be worn.

Your outfit should be classic, not to be confused with out of date. Your business suit should still be sophisticated but stylish, you want to show that although your classic in your style you’re still very much connected with the times. Connected with the times not only shows your current with your appearance but also suggests that you’ll probably be a good candidate for keeping current with job responsibilities, projects, and potentially have an innovative side that should be shared.

So whether you’re wondering how to dress for an effective first impression job interview or swoon hearts on your first blind date. Dressing is key to motivating a second look.

Here are some ideas for How to Dress for an Effective Job Interview First Impression.

I came across the Laurent Tailor Theory pant, worn with the Katharine Blazer it makes for a full suite. Although Theory can run a little pricier, it’s really very versatile in wear. The wool suite is great quality and can be worn with a variety of white and patterned shirts for many different engaging looks.

Sometimes its better to invest in one or two outfits that work, then in many that send an unprofessional message. I really like the Theory Katharine blazer because it has strong shoulders, front flap pockets, and is a little oversized.

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  1. says: Brianna

    I couldn’t agree more with you analysis of first impression attire and why it is so critical to look professional and current. Valid Point.

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