Purple Kangaroos Up Runyon Canyon

What to wear to Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles
Runyon Canyon Hiking Style in Los Angeles

I’m not a stranger to hiking, working out, or rollerblading down the Santa Monica boardwalk; but I only recently discovered the famous hiking trail all of Los Angeles is raving about. If you’re from LA, I’m sure Runyon Canyon immediately came to mind; and yes for years my friends have been gushing about this place.

I just didn’t have the chance to visit until recently, maybe I was used to my routine. But we evolve and discoveries are meant to show us something different! I stuck to the Hollywood Hills trails I was used to, but Runyon is actually a fantastic hike, workout and a great way to start the morning. Most of the pics below were taken around 6:30 am, yes an early morning; but getting out of bed is always the greatest challenge, right! Working out gets you motivated towards achieving a fantastic day; helps enhance productivity and yes bring that extra light into your life. I will actually follow up with the perks of working out, since I believe it’s so important towards achieving an extraordinary you.

In order to be your most stylish you, you must be your best self, which starts from the inside. So what’s a suitable workout style to wear up the mountain climbs? I chose Current Elliott denim shorts because its light, has pockets and is easy for summer months paired with a sleeveless t-shirt. And for my tennis shoe choice, I wore purple Kangaroos. First of all, I love the pop of color, and secondly they actually have a pocket built in them for storing keys, or any immediate belongings. How perfectly convenient right? I don’t recommend bringing a purse up there. If you must, something very small, maybe a small stylish backpack!

I’d love to hear your favorite hiking trails around the world, and what item you must bring every time? I must wear sunnies, the ones in the pics are by Wild Soul.

Top of Runyon Canyon Hiking Trail Los Angeles
Top of Runyon Canyon Hiking Trail Los Angeles
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Runyon Canyon Hiking Style in Los Angeles

Runyon Canyon Top of the Mountain Hike Los Angeles Fashion Blogger

Purple Kangaroos Sneakers
Purple Kangaroos Sneakers with pockets

Hiking Fashion Up Runyon Canyon Los Angeles

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