Hannah Kat Jones Metamorphosis Speechless Dress Collaboration is Finally Here

Hannah Kat Jones Speechless Dress

Hannah Kat Jones and speechless dresses have collaborated to unveil the highly sought after Metamorphosis dress. If you’re looking to look gorgeous while bringing attention to all your best features, this flowy blue dress will leave them speechless. Looking great, feeling confident and showcasing your fashion forward style from the inside out is what style is all about.

What I love about this chameleon dress, aka the “metamorphosis dress” is that every time you wear it, it reinvents itself. The bright blue hues with floral embellishments transitions into a myriad of looks. Wear it as a sexy short mini dress, throw the cape over your shoulders, or give your skirt something extra to twirl about. Shop the dress and pre-order now, will be available to ship beginning September 30th 2018. Have fun, treat yourself and be your best fashion forward self.

Remember, the sparkle in your step starts with you! Go ahead and #Leavethemspeechless

Hannah Kat Jones Speechless Dress Collaboration

Hannah Kat Jones Speechless Dress

Images Provided By: Speechless Dress

Happy Fashion Forward Days!

Fashion Trend Forward Because you Need a Sparkle in Your Step!


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