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When I was in undergrad and did a Semester abroad in Madrid, Laetitia Casta was the hottest fashion model around. She was everywhere you looked from billboards to the inside of the metro stations! Although she was beautiful to the fashion world, she had a perspective on beauty that said “Real beauty is to be true to oneself. That’s what make me feel good.” Laetitia couldn’t have said it any better because beauty is your inside shining outward. It’s a combination of your dreams, your ambition, your kindness and confidence.

Confidence to wake up in the morning and envision all the beauty around you starts with you and your smile. Great skin, an amazing skin care regime and discovery all help in cultivating a glow that will not only yield confidence but a routine that helps you bring out your most beautiful skin. I’m excited to bring you a giveaway by Domina Skin Care. I’ve been using this skin care line for a couple of months before sharing with you and am now hosting a giveaway inclusive of four fantastic products.

Domina Skincare line is Made in Italy, both gentle, soothing and developed by women. This Italian made brand’s philosophy is woman to woman and my guess is that they want to bring out the radiance that all women must feel in order too dream and inspire their passion. Because your skin is your shine, not exactly the oily blotch type, but hey that can be a beautiful shine too!

To get March spring fever underway Domina and Fashion Trend Forward are bringing you a chance to win a Domina Skin care beauty routine inclusive of the Universal Cleansing Lotion which you will probably want to order and reorder after using. You’ll get the 24 H Filler Cream and Filler Gel, which provides a filler effect with just a dab in the morning and night. The Filler gel is recommended for mornings, applied to areas around the eye or lips, and the Radiosa Skin Cream will be a unique sensory experience contributing to glowing radiant skin.

Be the best you possible; discover ways to benefit your skin, your glow and your confidence to take on your dreams. The first step in dreaming is to have them and the next is to believe in your self. Your beauty always starts with your smile, but discovering new skin care routines and ways to enhance your best beauty practices are always appreciated.

Enter to win everything pictured below. You Are The Sparkle In Your Step!

Fashion Blogger Giveaways Domina Skin Care Made in Italy

Domina Skin Care From Italy Beauty Blogger Must Haves

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