The Best Gifts For Kids This Holiday Season

The gift giving puzzle is synonymous with thoughtfulness, encouraging an exciting response of enthusiasm in children. After all, kids are generally very honest in their reactions and to keep up with a keen sense of excitement, here is a list of the best gifts for kids this holiday season. Whether the goal is to keep them warm and bundled, stimulate their minds or provide opportunity for them to discover new ways to engage their imagination. This list may be a great resource for holiday time or throughout the year, because gift ideas should induce a sense of interest in a child, and contribute to play, creating memories, developing a sense of style, or simply discovering something new!

TWEE Sidewalk Chalk

Twee Sidewalk Chalk has given new meaning to street art. Ever seen a kids eyes light up from disbelief, this very well maybe the case when presented with a gift from Twee Chalk. They’ll definitely take a second and third look, examining the gorgeous art creations and I’m not talking about their drawings yet. Twee offers an array of options for every kids favorite theme including sushi, galaxy, pizza, unicorns and macrons that look like they maybe edible. Scroll through the endless chalk possibilities and you may stumble across the castle. This is not an ordinary chalk experience, hopscotch and tick tack toe will be drawn with a style of its own.

Twee Unicorn Chalk Kids Best Gifts

ErgoPouch Sleep Suit For Toddlers

Give your toddler the gift of cozy, because this ErgoPouch sleep suit will keep them bundled all night. Although toddlers are introduced with blankets, they tend to throw them off, and can easily get cold. The ErgoPouch has a 2 in 1 transitional system that converts from a sleeping bag to a sleep suit with legs. Also the sizes have a large range, supporting growing kids and a sleep suit that lasts longer. For example it is available in sizes 2-4 years old or 4-6 years or even 8-24 months for the little ones. This provides solid multiyear use to keep kids warm and snuggly. This is the perfect win win gift for both parents and kids: both are equally happy if better sleep occurs on both ends.

Ergo Pouch Sleep Suit for Toddlers

BabyBibi Color Me Bath Books

BabyBibi color me bath books supports creativity and the desire to let children express their talents at any given time including bath time! There are kids that like to draw on everything, creating the most unperfect mess imaginable. These bath books bridge education and creativity offering a splash of fun as children learn about differentiating between shapes and developing spatial awareness. Set comes with 4 books and 6 washable crayons, developing artists of the future one bath at a time.

Bath Books For Children to draw in bath tub

Infantino Tub O’Toys

Bathtub toys gives toddlers and kids colorful fun with their splashy baths. Infantino tub toys comes with 9 different bath toys in a variety of shapes and animals to encourage sensory development, recognize colors, and squeeze and squirt. Perfect for growing babies and toddlers, suggested age on packaging is 0+ Months.

Bathtub toys for babies best gift ideas

Sugar and Snail Paint By POM POM 

Paint By Pom Pom will keep a child engaged and stimulated as he or she creates a unicorn, dinosaur, puppy or kitty cat. There’s actually no paint involved, all pom poms, this gem of a gift  may lead you to eventually buy all four options available because it encourages concentration and elevates accomplishment as kids create their masterpiece! Each set contains a photo frame and adhesive design board and an easy no glue no fuss stick on pom poms. Kids will develop individuality and accomplishment as they play with this fun, easy to use creative set.

Paint By Pom Pom Best art gifts for kids pom pom art

Disney Block & Love Block Books to Inspire Imagination In Toddlers

Even the smallest ones entering toddler age love a good book. Books stimulate the mind and contribute to curiosity and discovery. Love Block, a celebration of love around the world through the eyes of the animal kingdom will surely be a perfect gift for a toddler. Kids actively like to engage with the same book over and over again. It’s not a one and done event, it’s an active activity that they look forward to on a regular basis. The Disney Block book takes kids on a journey with their favorite Disney characters from the Jungle Book, to The Little Mermaid, it’s the perfect gift because the bare necessities will come to you!

Disney Block Books For Toddlers Board Books

LOL Surprise Winter Disco Chalet Wooden Doll House

LOL Surprise Winter Disco Chalet Wooden Doll House is not your average doll house. This winter getaway is equipped with three stories, six rooms and a light up ice-skating rink for the dolls to take regular figure skating lessons. In addition, the doll house includes a working ski-lift and a chimney that releases seemingly real snow, this LOL doll house is a show stopper with 95 surprises to unbox and an exclusive winter disco family. The recipient of this gorgeous gift will have plenty of hours to play and delight in endless amounts of creativity and imagination. This gift giving opportunity for children to play pretend and create endless scenarios for their dolls will continue to expand their growing minds with creative play and good times.

LOL doll house winter disco challet

Hasty Baker Card GameHasty

Hasty Baker Card Game is a deliciously fun way to spend an afternoon or evening, where players take on a role as fast paced bakers competing in a baking competition. This game is perfect for a friends or family game night. Suggested for children 7 and up, but in reality it’s fun for all ages. Ready, set, bake!

Hasty Baker Card Game about Baking

Learn To Brush Your Teeth – First Toothbrush Set

MAM first toothbrush set is very exciting for a toddler, not only are they learning that they now have teeth in their mouths, but the opportunity to have their very own toothbrush is the perfect little gift for a growing baby. MAM toothbrush is designed to gently clean first teeth and comes with a two step learning system, including two tooth brushes with little bear handles for an easy grip. This gift will give a daily dose of happy brushings: sometimes it’s the little things that matter most.

Learn to Brush Your Teeth for baby and toddlers toothbrushes

pediped Shoes

Once baby’s start taking their first steps, the best thing you can do to support their walking development is to get them the best walking shoes. They are learning to balance, not to slip, and to position their feet properly, and PediPed is the perfect shoe for a growing baby, toddler or young kid. When kids walk they need to have a confident stride, PediPed provides just that. Both child and parent will be happy to discover shoes that will keep the little ones moving swiftly.

PediPed First Walking Shoes For babies and toddlers

goSili Silicone Sippy Cup and Straw Cup

It’s no secret that babies and toddlers have many transitions, sippy cup evolvement is part of the circle of transitions. Toddlers start to want to mirror their parents and imitate their actions. You can go matchy matchy with your little one and drink coffee or tea from an adult silicone travel mug, in the comfort of your home. The Go Sili silicone sippy cup offers toddlers an easy way to mature into drinking from a cup, the lid is secured to avoid messy spills and offers a unique easy to clean, reusable, durable way of drinking. Opt for the traditional lid and straw cup because giving kids options and letting them decide how they want to drink contributes to independent thinking which equates to confidence boost.

sili silicone sippy cups for kids and straw cups

Little Lady Products: Nail Polish Designed For Kids

Little Lady Products nail polish is basically a dream come true for moms everywhere. This is because it was created by a mama with safety in mind. Not only are the nail polish colors so pretty, sparkly and perfectly appealing to little ladies everywhere, but they’re also free from many chemical toxins found in most nail polishes. This gift will have little ladies excited about getting regular manis with their mamas, dolls, or both. An additional extra perk other than the ultra cute bottles and wearable ring is the delicate smell meant to last a couple of days. Time to pamper little girls this holiday season by styling nails with glitters and pastels.

Little Lady Nail Polish For Kids

Happy Beautiful Holiday Season!

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