A Much Needed Cookie Connection that Helps Feed Orphans in Liberia

What can be a better scenario than realizing that your guilty pleasure is actually helping feed Orphans in Liberia? Now that is what I call a fantastic cookie connection! I made the ultimate cookie connection this past weekend at the GBK MTV Movie Awards Gifting Lounge where I discovered Cookie Connection.

Although the cookies are delicious and come in a variety of flavors such as Coffee Toffee, Caramello, or the classic chocolate chip, at the end of the day your biting into not just a cookie but a cause. Cookie Connection is an opportunity to connect the world, Jake Hoffart, owner of www.Cookieconnection.com and three shops in Northern California donates $7 for every dozen sold online to feed the orphans in Liberia.

I spoke with Jake Hoffart about his delicious cookies and giving back to the kids in Africa. On one of his journey’s, he was observing the little kids: “they had one tennis shoe on and one flip flop on and everyone is happy.” However they were still hungry and Cookie Connection partnered with Orphan Relief Network, a group that feeds over 500 kids a day to help continue to feed them.

It’s really wonderful to see an indulgence such as “the cookie” working strongly with a charity to connect the world and provide an outlet for other kids across the continents to be fed!

Cookies for Charity Cookie Connection

Jake Hoffart of Cookie Connection, Cookies for a Cause

GBK MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge Cookie Connection Logo Cookies

GBK MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge Logo Cookies

Check out the Cookie Connection Logo Cookie, perfect for corporate functions & events while still supporting Charity!

MTV Movie Awards GBK Gift Lounge Cookie Connection

Cookie Connection at MTV Movie Awards GBK Gift Lounge

It’s always fashionable to go Ahead and Make a Cookie Connection, especially when that connection is tied to a charity that helps relief Orphans of Hunger!

Fashion Trend Forward Because you Need a Sparkle in Your Step!

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