At Home Spa Day With Onyx Youth Magnet Mask

Onyx Youth Magnet Mask Spa Day at Home

Sometimes with all the hustle and bustle what a girl really needs is an at home spa day with Onyx Youth Magnet Mask. There are moments when you just need to unwind and really invest in some meaningful me moments, where self care and love is what’s most important. Why? Because you deserve it and so does your skin. There are so many amazing skin care products on the market and the discovery process is just as much fun as actually indulging in the regime. So with that in mind, I want to introduce you to this newly discovered gem of a mask: The Onyx Youth magnet mask is anti-aging Korean skincare.

This Korean skincare magnetic mask does something incredible to the skin using technology to electromagnetically purify your skin, leaving it silky, toned and enriched with vitamins to continue a glam glow. The mask can be used for either men or women and works to enrich and enliven the skin, because at the end of the day our skin gets thirsty for rejuvenation and there are moments where we need to just put on a mask and restore our natural beauty. At home spa days with some mellow tunes and good vibes will not only relax us, but bring joy into our skin as we create our most beautiful moments.

Why a Magnet Mask?

The Onyx youth magnet mask is designed to use the healing property of magnets to create opportunity for your skin to regenerate itself. The magnet formula in the mask consists of ingrediants such as shea butter, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, Korean volcanic ash, among others. The magnetic mask is able to bond with contaminents in your pores, pulling out impurities and rejuvenating your skin.

It’s super easy to use, just apply the mask to your face, avoiding your eyes. I would avoid the area around your eyes, as you never want to apply any type of mask there. Once the mask is on for about 5-10 minutes, there is an electromagnetic wand inclusive in the onyx youth gift set, pass the wand over your face along the surface of your skin. It’s supposed to act with the magnetic particles of the mask to completely lift it off; finally gently massage remaining product into your skin to infuse the moisturizing ingredients for a radiant luminous look. Enjoy your beautiful at home spa days!

If you’d like to order the mask click here for 15% off! Enjoy and use twice a week for best results; cheers to gorgeous glowy skin!

Korean Skincare Magnet Mask Onyx Youth

Anti Aging Korean Mask Onyx Youth Magnet Mask in USA

Onyx Youth Magnet Mask Spa Day at Home

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