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Renewable Beauty Eye Cream all Natural Eye Cream

New York Fashion Week is officially less than a week away and to celebrate the week into another season of glam backstage beauty, Fashion Trend Forward is hosting a giveaway with Renewable Beauty giving you the chance to enter and win this amazing skin renewal eye cream!

Fashion Week is always a time of discovery, discovering new lines, trends, beauty techniques, and of course sharing. I discovered Natural Beauty and instantly wanted to share it with you. It has a light texture that feels silky instead of greasy. As surprising as this may sound, a lot of times when I think of creams I think of thick and I hesitate a little; I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Renewable Beauty focuses on two main products: Skin Renewable Eye Cream and Skin Renewable Serum. Their brand focuses on the idea of natural ingredients as good for your skin as in the environment. This is key because our facial skin is so delicate that the knowledge of knowing that ingredients put on our skin are great with the environment make for a brilliantly created product.

What does The Skin Renewal Eye Cream Do? It’s supposed to make your eyes pop out in a beautiful way! Skin Renewal Eye Cream is meant to firm, lift and diminish the appearance of lines around the eyes. Formulated with Tropical Haven Complex featuring unique Amazonian flora to protect and improve the skin’s youthful appearance! In addition Renewable Beauty has an advanced Beauty Skin Technology forming a “protective shield over the surface of the skin that retains the active ingredients for time-released delivery, lasting hydration.”

Join me during Fashion Week for exclusive coverage of everything runway related, discovering beauty and all the gorgeousness that starts with an inquisitive mind!

Good luck and enter to Win Our Pre New York Fashion Week Skin Renewal Eye Cream Giveaway with Renewable Beauty! $75 Value


Renewable Beauty Eye Cream Giveaway Natural Beauty


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