Bally and BeBe Lace tights for Winter 2009

So after tracking down the hottest trend of fall/winter 2009, I have to admit that I really adore the look of leggings. There is something, hot and youthful about them, but at the same time the look is so versatile that it’s a trend for all without being to risqué. I’d mentioned the Bally lace tights earlier as being a coveted item almost impossible to cling too because of its limited edition status, but luckily their not the only tights on the market.

BEBE Swiss Net Tight

BEBE Swiss Net Tight

Store windows are playing peekaboo with their selection of classic woven lace tights. Initially spotting the Bally lace tights in the window front is exactly how I followed further and stumbled upon the BeBe lace tights. They are trend perfect to wear with a mini or cocktail dress luxor. Lace tights and leggings are great to play up for a night on the town or for some down town fun. Either way the lacy tights will add a pizzazz to your outfit as you outplay yourself in a selection of tights.

Fashion Trend Forward Because you Need a Sparkle in Your Step!

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