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Shoe Trends 2016 Desigual NYFW 2016

When girls talk, wear or fantasize about gorgeous shoes, it isn’t always to grab the attention of a stunning bachelor or guy she finds dreamy. When woman are into shoes it doesn’t matter whether they’re single, married in a relationship or whatever, shoes are an art and should therefor be taken for arts sake. Shoes are so personal that even Cher from Clueless said, “I’m so picky about my shoes and they only go on my feet,” when discussing picking a boyfriend. So naturally it’s no surprise that a fashion, desire, for shoes comes from a self-expression and defining a natural style. If you’re single and that natural style is geared towards compliments to “win her over” among others on your list, that you’re the single lady, then obviously you succeeded, but that success is foremost the sparkle in your step. Have fun, enjoy and walk like they do down the runway.

As much as women enjoy picking out shoes for themselves, many times they also have a vision of how they want they’re guy dressed. This is so apropos now that Valentines season has just passed. Seriously, we may have a vision for our shoe style and likewise enjoy styling a guy. Or if not styling, appreciate a capable looking fashion guy, which is not stagnant and means something completely different to each individual. After all we all have our unique vision and perfective, some girls like mens shoes that are dressy and others that are casual, it must fit the moment first. So here are a few men’s shoes suggestions to ponder.

Chelsea Boots

This report called the Chelsea boot the “antithesis of yesteryear’s clunky fall boot options,” move over clunk and welcome appeal that’s tamed and stylish in nature. With the Chelsea boot, the man no longer needs to look like he’s going on a hike everywhere he goes, on the contrary he looks polished and sophisticated while staying winter warm. It can go perfect from day to night, aka from the office to a Manhattan night out for drinks or anywhere you are!

The Converse All-Star

The Converse has been around since what seems like the longest time, because it’s classic and has gone through so many different transformations, it continues to be cool. Therefor it fits a more casual option, you can never go wrong with Converse, which despite never losing popularity enjoyed something of a resurgence in 2015. This was thanks in part to the introduction of the Chuck Taylor All Star II as a lightly more modern version of the iconic shoe. There’s also the fact that other brands produced some really tasteful imitations of the Converse look. This site’s collection of seasonal men’s footwear has one in particular that stands out: a really striking high-top sneaker by Todd Snyder & PF Flyers.

Penny Loafers

Penny Loafers are a cute option if you’re into retro and would like to give your man the gift of just a tad bit playful while still maintaining that cool classiness. It’s a cute option because it’s definitely a style that has been around to suffice the old-school sophistication to penny loafers. Gifting a pair of Penny Loafers signals that your man could pull it off, because there’s definitely an air of confidence that goes with wearing a pair. It’s a fun gift because these shoes just come in so many different distinct styles in colors galore. This guide to men’s footwear recommends going for something surprising like stone grey or dark green.

They’re just a few ideas, but hopefully they demonstrate that men, too, have many options when it comes to trendy footwear. Consider some of these options for the man in your life and he’ll be the one getting compliments on his shoes.

Chelsea Boot Mens Shoe Trends 2016

Converse Mens Shoe Trends 2016

Shoe Trends 2016 Desigual NYFW 2016

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