Style Trend: Grey Matters Playing Up the Tee For Evening

This Season Grey Matters because it’s right on trend with your morning latte, escorting you through the wonders of the day. Preparing for the surprises that await you and the stylish adventures trekking along your day, I just had to share this new line of tees I discovered last week with you called Tees By Tina.

When I first heard about the line, I was under the impression that it was a sporty type of work out gear but once I slipped on the ballet sleeve seamless apparel grey collection shirt I knew that this was something I needed to share with you for two reasons.

First reason is that the material of the shirt is ultra soft and warm. If you’re on the east coast, or anywhere in the midst of fall/winter and are trying to find the perfect under shirt for layering purposes that you also wouldn’t mind showcasing, this is it.

Second, it fits to conform to your body with a one size fits most and can be worn out either in a casual setting or a night on the town. I wore my Tee by Tina tucked into a pair of Paige jeans out to an event I attended Thursday night. I loved the scoop neck and grey color because it’s neutral enough to play up or down and right on trend with this seasons hottest style look.

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Tees By Tina Grey Style Trends shirt seamless apparel collection

Accessorize with style and confidence!

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