Soya You Want Healthy Sexy Hair

Soya Healthy Sexy Hair Want it all 22 in 1 with soy cooa and argon oil

Soy you want healthy sexy hair, me too! We all want those lustrous locks that leave your hair shiny but are also easy to use. What I mean when I say easy to use, is that most often you need thirty different products to do twenty different things. How many times have you bought one product for blow-drying your hair and another one for keeping it curly? I have naturally curly hair so this is quite common for me. I was definitely excited when Sexy Hair suggested a new product called Soya Want It All 22 in 1; I new I just had to share after trying it.

First of all it smells amazing, second I like blow-drying my hair but there are days when I want to go natural in my curls like the press preview day for those hot leather pants I’m holding at Chateau Marmont. If you’re wondering about winter ambition in summer months, just remember fashion is always months ahead of the calendar.

But back to the product, Healthy Sexy Hair came out with Soya Want it All 22 in 1 with a consistency of soy, cocoa, and argan oil. But instead of an oil that goes into the palm of your hand, you spray it across all your strands and comb through for even distribution. This leave in treatment is perfect for wearing your hair wavy or blow-drying with some added bounce. I just sprayed over my damp hair, air dried, for effortless on the go sexy hair wigs.

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Natural Curls at Fashion Press Preview Day in LA Healthy Sexy Hair Soya Want it all 22 in 1
Healthy Sexy Hair Soya Want it All 22 in 1 Hair Care for Sexy Beautiful Hair
Healthy Sexy Hair Soya Want it All 22 in 1 Hair Care for Sexy Beautiful Hair
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