Brooklyn Decker trends Men’s Wear for Elle

So if any of you have been tuning into season two of The city, then you’ll know Olivia Palmero who’s been working the fashion ropes at Elle Magazine did a fashion segment with Brooklyn Decker. The inspired by men’s wear photo shoot of the leggy blond is featured in the January issue of Elle. Check it out, it looks fantastic, and you could even see the watch Olivia suggested Brooklyn wear for the magazine feature Brooklyn Heights.

I especially loved the contrast of the grey Tahari collection suit (found on page 150, Elle magazine), paired with the bright red quilted Chanel lambskin bag, it’s a slick subtle fashion enhancer that draws color and fun into a look that could have otherwise been solely serious. A key feature of enhancing any outfit is the idea of variability and the motivation to play with color and pieces for a myriad of looks. Throwing red against grey, black, or winter white could play up your outfit and mood simultaneously.

I also loved the men’s wear pieces chosen for the Brooklyn Decker Elle photo shoot, especially the tweed outfit by Burberry, although the striped shirt is a little bold and following the sailor trend. It’s not for everyone so if striped men’s wear is a bit much, a simple white blouse will do the trick. When following the trend of mens wear it’s important to remember that feminine elegance is what brings the look into place.

Dsquared Skirt Suit

Dsquared Skirt Suit

Primarily why touches of color are emphasized, Brooklyn Decker shines in men’s wear fashion. The mens wear trend is hot and fashionable, check it out! Whether you opt for quilted Chanel or a quilted oversized clutch, add some pizzazz to a cheerful winter look.

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