What’s a Day out in Malibu without some nice Jewish Boys?

Beach love and sunny perfect Malibu go hand in hand, especially when you began at the Chocolate Box Café. If you’re somewhat of a chocoholic then you’ll definitely appreciate that precise moment when asked to choose between at least ten different chocolate shavings to make what I thought was going to be a simple café mocha. Forget simple it was amazing!

The Malibu Colony bounces with gleeful surprises. I’m very literate and get easily excited about new school of thought. Luckily next door to Chocolate Box, Kitson stood, providing intellectuals the perfect opportunity to catch up on necessary summer reading. It’s like a Barnes and Nobles except they only stock their shelves with absolute must reads like the Geektionary.

Not only did the Kitson books smell of knowledge, but there was a book signing that day too. Sort-of a book signing, depending on how one would classify the modern day book, do calendars still count as books? I mean if the Kindle is included, I don’t know why the calendar should be excluded, especially if the Nice Jewish Boys made an appearance to sign a copy while simultaneously working on their Malibu tans.

I think their maybe some nice Jewish girls in there to.

Nice Jewish Boys Calendar

Nice Jewish Boys Calendar

2012 Nice Jewish Guys Calendar

2012 Nice Jewish Guys Calendar

Nice Jewish Guys at Kitson in Malibu

Nice Jewish Guys at Kitson in Malibu

Is he really holding a What Ever Sign?

Nice Jewish Guys 2012 Calendars at Kitson Malibu.

Fashion Trend Forward Because you Need a Sparkle in Your Step!

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    Love it!! Malibu is the ultimate oasis 🙂

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