Travel Photography Through Bilbao Spain

Bilbao Spain Gran Via Travel Photography of a Fashion Blogger

When traveling you can’t help but feel a sensation of excitement behind the lens as you capture images that are both different and so uniquely beautiful that they become more than just a memory. They become an experience you share, as you go back and look at the exceptional scenic beauty like Jeff Koon’s Puppy at the Guggenheim Museum.

My recent trip to Northern Spain’s Bilbao and San Sebastian was filled with adventures in food, fun, and discovering the beauty of little side streets that exude a unique element to the city. So here are a few images that I captured with my lens, as you enjoy the travel photography of a fashion blogger!

Detailed Account of All the Pictures

1. The first Main Picture was taken from the Balcony of The Carlton Hotel overlooking the exquisite Plaza Moyua.

2. The second picture of the greenery was taken at Azurmendi Restaurant, 3 Star Michelin dining. After all Bilbao and San Sebastian is definitely known for the intense dining experiences and culinary experts of the world.

3. The Third Photo Captures the Ria de Bilbao also known as the gorgeous river that flows through the city

4. The fourth Photo captures the central train station in Bilbao, this station can take you to France or various destinations. How absolutely beautiful, right? There is another train station across the way that takes locals to neighboring villages nearby.

5. The fifth photo captures the Arriaga Theatre, right by the river in Bilbao, Spain.

6. Food Crush, because I’m in the mood for ice cream at an given moment, this flower gelato was made across the street from the Guggenheim Museum in a gelateria where they also served macrons. Notice all the different colors, it’s made from four different flavors into the perfect flower!

7. Churros Con Chocolate is staple of Spanish Dining. Unlike American hot chocolate, the chocolate is used to dip the churros in.

8. The Guggenheim museum had a Yoko Ono exhibit that was of popularity this season.

9. Finally Jeff Koon’s brings us the “Puppy.” What’s amazing about the puppy is that the flowers that make it always change colors, so most likely your pics of the Puppy will look quite different everytime you visit Bilbao!

custom backdrops

custom backdrops

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