Three’s Company with Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl 3

Gossip Girl 3

Looks like our little Disney princess is all grown up on the Upper East Side. If you didn’t miss last nights gossip girl, then you already know that Hilary Duff, who plays Olivia got frisky with Dan and Vanessa last night. The big three, was broadcasted, written about and anticipated as the sizzling point of Gossip Girl. With over 15 percent more viewers then last week’s episode, it looks like everyone will have something to gossip about. But with all the charm and shock value of threes company, Jenny’s cotillion still rocked hard. Debuting as the queen of Constance while denouncing Blair played up a jarring chord when Jenny made her entrance with non other than college boy, Nate Archibald.

Could we be expecting a romance between Queen J and Nate?

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