The Great Minds of Zegna Couture

Fashion is continuously evolving in such an effusive manner, that creativity blooms a direction of inspiring whereabouts in the world of couture. Change may be underway, but classic is perfect for a sharp delineating effect. I was walking through the little alley way streets of Venice, Italy this past summer when I stumbled across the Zegna men’s store. Of course they may be known for their timeless luxury men’s collection, but it was their slogan in the window that caught my eye. Ermenegildo Zegna, fourth generation Italian brand read Great Minds Think Alike. Classic, sharp, and perpetually stylish Italian brand mirrors the fashionably forward idea that simplicity goes a long way.

Zegna Couture Store

Zegna Couture Store

Dressing classic is Classy and fun, suit up to your proximity. I”m sure it’s not the first time great minds have thought alike.

Fashion Trend Forward Because you Need a Sparkle in Your Step!

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    Oh, how did I miss this one?! Finally, a post for the male gender!

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