Jan Barboglio Genuine Texas Décor

“Centuries of training go into the art of glass blowing. So treasured a skill that in the 17th century craftsmen were recruited by the French court to bring this art to France.” –Jan Barboglio.

Jan Barbolgio may have started in fashion but she’s vastly creative with her home décor line. I was instantly drawn to each piece, so different, unique; yet at the same time versatile and practical for daily use. Although her Texan furniture and rustic iron décor are proudly carried in Texas, she’s expanded and now found in department store boutiques such as Neiman Marcus. The Beverly Hills location has quite a large assortment of pieces as pictured below.

I really liked the iron collection home vase Jan Barbolgio designed. After viewing each individual piece, one is really able to see the detail and effort put into designing this home collection.

Unique Style of Jan Barbolgio, genuine Texas decor.

Creating decorative iron pieces fashioned with glass and wooden accents, each piece is not only attached with a price tag but also a quote, poem, or slight tid-bit of history that relates to every creation.

Jan Barboglio Iron Home Vase

Jan Barboglio Iron Home Vase Neiman Marcus

Jan Barboglio Goblets

Jan Barbolgio Texas Glasses Perfect for a Drink

Jan Barboglio Iron Glass Neiman Marcus

Jan Barboglio Iron Glass Bowl Neiman Marcus

Fashion Trend Forward Because you Need a Sparkle in Your Step!

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