Double Style on time with Reed Krakoff Stud Watch disguised as a Leather Bracelet

The Met Gala’s ball theming “Punk : chaos to couture” in the city that never sleeps is just one example of celebrities embracing a new sophisticated leap of edge. This punk fashion is really exploring couture creativity by creating out of the box style and jewelry.

Take Reed Krakoff, a sophisticated bag artist who came out with a line of the stud watches concealed as bracelets. They are refined, yet classy, concealed as a mere piece of jewelry, almost insinuating the secrets of time. The Swiss made, sapphire crystal Reed Krakoff timepiece is really a couture piece for the fashionista, or watch enthusiast. Love it!!!

My favorite watch in the Reed Krakoff collection is definitely the white leather band with the rose gold, its perfect for summer and I’m really loving the rose gold: so go ahead and bring on the roses and a little gold tease.

Reed Krakoff leather bracelet watch

White, Black or Gray Leather Reed Krakoff Bracelet Watch

Reed Krakoff leather Bracelet Watch

Multi Color Reed Krakoff swiss made watches concealed as a Bracelet by Movado

White Reed Krakoff with Rose Gold Bracelet Watch

White Reed Krakoff with Rose Gold Bracelet Watch

Fashion Trend Forward Because you Need a Sparkle in Your Step!

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