Chic Gucci Cruise Suede Wedges

With the holiday season in full swing, department stores are frenzied with shoppers looking for the perfect cruise outfit. Since cruise wear is officially here why not embark the ship with the Gucci chic suede wedges. The olive green suede wedges sport a back zipper and a heel perfect for capturing the captain’s attention.

Gucci Sigourney Suede Studded Sandals are a perfect way to wedge your way to the Captains circle. If you think you’re the only one that’s got her eye on these studded gladiator inspired sandal, you’ve got a waiting list to compete with. Due to a high demand, at $750 at Saks Fifth Avenue stores, customers may only order 3 pairs every 30 days.

Gucci Sigourney Suede Sandal

Gucci Sigourney Suede Sandal

Back Gucci Suede studded sandals

Back Gucci Suede studded sandals

Check out the back zipper. Did someone say get in line?

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    Ah I love these sandals, so gorgeous! They make me wish it was summer!

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